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gravitational fields 1

Newton's Law of Gravitation
variation of 'g' with distance


gravitational fields 2

Escape Velocity
satellite orbits
low orbits
geostationary orbits


gravitational fields 3

Kepler's Laws
Law #1
Law #2
Law #3
derivation of law #3 from Newton's gravity law


gravitational fields 4

Gravitational potential U
Gravitational field strength g
relation between g and U
energy in orbits


electrostatic fields 1

Law of Electrostatics
Coulomb's Law
electric field strength E
electric potential V
Electric potential difference
relation between E and V


electrostatic fields 2

electrostatic field diagrams
deflection of ion beams
field around a hollow sphere
Van de Graaf Generator
Gold Leaf Electroscope


capacitors 1

parallel plate capacitor
relative permitivity


capacitors 2

energy stored in a capacitor
capacitors in parallel
capacitors in series
charging & discharging through a resistor


magnetic fields 1

flux density B
magnetic field of a current carrying conductor
flux density for a straight wire
flux density for a solenoid


magnetic fields 2

force on a conductor
Flemming's Left Hand Rule
force on a charged particle
Hall Effect


electromagnetic induction 1

description of the phenomenon
Faraday's Law
Lenz's Law
Neumann's Equation
Flemming's Right Hand Rule
EMF induced in a metal rod


electromagnetic induction 2

self induction
mutual induction
transformer action
transformer power
transformer efficiency




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